Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Sign Will Ohman!

Jerry Crasnick of has recently said that lefty reliever Will Ohman probably won't be getting more than 1 million this year. 1 million! And the Cardinals spent 475K on Royce Ring? AAAHHHH!

Ohman might just be the missing piece to a very good Cardinal ballclub(assuming a healthy Carpenter). Obtaining an experienced closer might be more important than a true #1 lefty reliever but at least the Cardinals have plenty of talented pitchers that can get 3 outs in the 9th inning. What they have from the leftside in the pen is questionable after Trever Miller.

What is great about Ohman is that he hasn't just good against left handed batters in his career: .197 BAA, 43 BB-124 K in 390 ABs, he also does a decent job against right handed batters: .262, 63 BB-95 K IN 443 ABs. And most of the damage done against him by righties was done in 2007.

Another thing Ohman does well is not allow inheirited runners to score. Even in a flukish down year in 2007, Ohman was 19th in baseball allowing just 7 of 37 runners to score. Through early August 2008(couldn't find full season numbers), Ohman had allowed just 2 of 20 inheirited runners to score.

Having a nice combo of Ohman-Miller in the pen would be a wonderful strength for LaRussa to have. Perhaps the bigger reason to get Ohman would be to have someone who can still be a go to lefty in case Miller's shoulder starts to ache. No one wants to see LaRussa calling on Charlie Manning and Royce Ring in the same game.

Here's hoping Ring, Ostlund and Manning struggle in spring training! Sorry fellas, I want Ohman.


  1. 30 teams have given Ohman a pass, so far. When his price gets low enough, someone will grab him. He had a pre-Depression opinion of his worth and he is going to need to adjust to the new baseball economy. Or retire.

  2. I'm also curious what Duncan could make out of the other lefties.

  3. I guess the number is more around 27 than 30 since Pittsburgh, Florida and San Diego have apparently made an offer.

    I don't blame Ohman at all for what he was asking for all offseason(2 years, 8 million). Jeremy Affeldt signed for that amount.

    One would have to assume he'll take the best 1 year offer he can get and hope he finds that Affeldt deal next winter.

    To tell you the truth I've been wondering what Duncan could make of the other lefties as well. I've been a Royce Ring fan for awhile and Manning did do well vs. lefties last year. I'd just really like to have Ohman at 1 million over 1 year. That is a steal.

  4. If the Cards were going to chase Ohman, you would have thought there would be more rumors by now. This is one reason I think it best not to pine for Ohman. Also, his career stats seem blah to me, so I am not sure he was worth the salary premium he was after.

    Its weird that Ohman did well by his standards last year in Atlanta; the Braves have shaved nearly $30MM in salary, but the Braves are leaving him for the ultimate cheapies, Marlins, Pirates, and Padres? This has to say that teams are running scared on the economy.

  5. Affeldt's career numbers aren't much better than Ohman's and he recieved the 2 years, 8 million he was looking for.
    Affeldt actually allowed lefties to bat .269 against him last year and .250 the year before.

    I believe it was Derrick Goold who recently pointed out that Mozeliak is keeping tabs on the remaining free agent lefties. I think he wants to see Ring and Manning can do. Especially Ring since Mo gave him 475K.

    BTW, I believe the Braves made a 2 year, 4 mil offer to Ohman very early on in the offseason.

    BTW Part 2, the Cardinals tried to acquire Ohman at the deadline but the price was Jason Motte. There has been interest in him before so it will be interesting to see if it grows again if Ring and Manning struggle.

  6. After Affeldt signed, the economy started to really tank and the market for loogies must have really tanked too. Affeldt got lucky.

    Also the Giants got a big new tv contract and have been dopes on spending money for years (Zito, Bonds, Renteria, Morris, etc.).

    I figure some team will sign Ohman before the Cards decide they need to. If it happens, fine, but I am not holding my breathe in anticipation.

  7. Zito? A bad contract? You crazy!!!

    I think the only thing stopping Ohman from signing right now is that the best team after him is Florida. The Marlins aren't bad but I think Ohman is waiting for a little better team to make an offer.

    It will be interesting to monitor. Joe Beimel and Dennys Reyes are still out there as well.

  8. If his price really is in that range and he holds out much longer, I wouldn't be too surprised to see him get a call from the Cards, especially if Ring struggles more.

    I've added your blog to my blogroll!